Who was with you on your run today?

Did you log your miles with your usual running buddies? Maybe your four-legged best friend trotted faithfully alongside you? Did you debate pushing snooze on your alarm, but the guilt over ignoring the text that read, “Ready in 10?” was greater than your need for that extra hour of sleep? Did you head out into the cold morning air on your own, with just the sound of your feet striking the pavement as your only companion until you passed another runner along your route, and exchanged smiles and nods? You all ran together.
Was your spouse waiting for you with a hot cup of coffee when you got home? Did your roommate give you a high five and congratulate you on getting yourself out the door? Did your kids pour their own bowl of cereal as they waited for you to open the side door of your house, returning from your run? They ran with you, too.
People call running an individual sport, but most runners will tell you otherwise. Runners are connected together by the common goal of going out there and giving their best – at whatever level or ability they may be. Those who run, or who have runners in their life also know the power of having support to help them achieve their goal – whether it be family members, friends, or the friendly stranger that acknowledges their shared experience at 5:30 in the morning.

The 2014 Boston Marathon theme, We Run Together, captures the connectivity that exists in the running community and everyone who touches it – family, friends, volunteers, and fans. On Marathon Monday, we are all in the journey together, supporting one another and rooting for each and every one of us to cross the finish line and do the best that we can.

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